Patient Testimonials


September 23, 2016

Dear Dr Boone and associates,

Thank you so much for the excellent treatment during my recent extraction and follow up. When I first came to your office in

July, I felt like I was definitely "in the right place" for the dental work I needed. From that first appointment, to the day of

extraction, to suture removal, I have always been treated courteously and with expert attention to details.  

I wanted to thank Susan, who was so helpful and professional during the extraction: her calm voice and attention to my comfort was much appreciated.

Thank you to Carla who was most helpful with my concerns beforehand, and at yesterday's suture removal. I appreciate her understanding of my issues with the "flipper".

In the front office, both Chillie and Rosanne have always been most helpful with the initial planning, and insurance and billing issues. I am grateful for your careful attention to the details.

And, Dr Boone, I look forward to the implant procedure in December, and thank you again for your patience and excellence.

Best Regards,




March 20, 2014

"I've had a better time, but never with a nicer bunch of babes."

From patient, NB 



  March 13, 2013

Dear North Conway Periodontics,

I can never put into words what I have experienced while sitting in the waiting room. 

The kindness, care, concern, and "something" else- I can not put it into words!!

This is more than helping people and great dental care.  I have a sense you all are Earth angels,

doing the work of love.

I extend my gratitude for the care  you have given my husband.

May God bless your giving hearts.



 March 13, 2013

Dear North Conway Periodontics,

Thanks for being so good to me!

I so greatly appreciate the time, professionalism, and sincere care you

and your staff took to fix my gum problem :)

Thank you,